Cheersonic Gives You Intelligent Ultrasonic Solutions

Cake Slicing
Our ultrasonic cutting machine is ideal for cutting crisp baked goods such as cakes, brownie and mousse cakes.

Ice Cream Slicing
Our machines is ice cream, ice cream cake, frozen mousse and other frozen food the best choice.

Bread Slicing
This series is mainly used for high-speed cutting sponge cake, bread and other bakery products.

Pizza Slicing
Ultrasonic pizza cutting equipment for cutting round pizza and triangular pizza.

Sandwich Slicing
Ultrasonic cutting machine, continuous cutting sandwich, the resulting sandwich is not deformed.

Candy Slicing
Our machines for all need to put a lot of chocolate, nougat, fudge, marshmallow, candy.

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Welcome to CHEERSONIC, we will provide you with professional ultrasonic technical support!

We will provide the most professional ultrasonic technical support, technical engineers will be based on your actual needs to provide the most appropriate ultrasonic solutions!
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Ultrasonic Round Cake Slicing Video

The benefits of ultrasonic cutting technology?

January 10th, 2018|Comments Off on The benefits of ultrasonic cutting technology?

The benefits of ultrasonic cutting technology? Laser technology has long been considered the most advanced, but with the appearance of new solutions, the effectiveness of the latter is controversial. The contributions of ultrasound technology have [...]

What is an ultrasonic cut?

January 10th, 2018|Comments Off on What is an ultrasonic cut?

What is an ultrasonic cut? Ultrasound is sound waves with a frequency greater than 16 kHz and inaudible to the human ear. Deployed in many industries, this technology can be considered as a new and [...]

Customer Reviews

The service is in place, although there is a problem, but had been solved in a timely manner.
Ultrasonic food cutting machine is good, easy to use.
The engineer is very professional, ultrasonic sprayer use effect is good.
ultrasonic food cutting machine food quite good to use for the time being.
Engineers and sales staff in high efficiency.
During the ultrasonic food cutting machine used for two months, although a bit of a problem, but had been solved timely, engineer is quite good.
Will Turner
I use ultrasonic food cutting machine. Cutting efficiency is very high, engineers are also very respectful, in accordance with the requirements of the program.
Ultrasonic soldering iron welding is well, the effect of solder is very good, can continue to cooperate.
Double roller ultrasonic sewing machine works well, I used to sew airbags, the effect is very good.